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Sydney has a new property face – you’ll be either happy or angry

With housing affordability now front and centre, it will be a very interesting meeting next week when the Housing Ministers meet to explain what they are doing to address these anomalies to the Treasurer Scott Morrison.

In NSW for example,there are two very big property elephants about to enter the room in November and December that most don’t know about and they will have massive impacts in the clear majority of Sydney suburbs.

The first are the unprecedented reforms to strata laws which commence on November 30, 2016. Presently with strata properties a developer can’t acquire the entire block without the owners being in 100 per cent agreement, but from November 30, … more »


Times change, sadly politicians haven’t

We would all love a dollar every time the words “tax reform” have been mentioned over the past decade with countless inquiries and white papers presented where no reform ever eventuated. So it was most interesting to see Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and freshly appointed Treasurer Scott Morrison flagging tax reform, income tax cuts and housing affordability again, much like that broken record of their many predecessors.

Yes the Australian economy has its fair share of problems much like the rest of the developed countries across the planet where the common problem is that they are their own worst enemies. The last major tax reform in Australia was the introduction of … more »


Property is just a simple mathematical equation

Every year, as Sydney hits winter we can expect the inevitable property market predictions to come in thick and fast. Now before we get into the nitty gritty of these predictions there are a few observations that I made when I read these somewhat bizarre predictions.

Let’s look at some facts – the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released their latest data on Residential Property Prices in March 2015 which showed that the total value of Australia’s 9.500 million residential dwellings had increased to $5.500 trillion. At the end of the March quarter 2015 the ABS also advised that household net worth was $8,090.9 billion so we are talking big numbers … more »


The burning property question Tony Abbott must answer

Now more than ever I’m totally convinced that the vast majority of property commentators subscribe to the theory of inductive reasoning when they want to get their points across pertaining to the Australian residential property markets. Wikipedia describes “inductive reasoning (as opposed to deductive reasoning or abductive reasoning) is reasoning in which the premises seek to supply strong evidence for (not absolute proof of) the truth of the conclusion. While the conclusion of a deductive argument is certain, the truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is probable, based upon the evidence given.”
Now here is the dilemma that the prime minister faces with the Australian property markets and whilst … more »


Next Month’s NSW Election Is The Most Important Ever

As Australia faces the reality of life after its mining boom, now more than ever it’s vital that we embark on a path of prosperity and sound government – just don’t hold your breath (just yet).

First and foremost it’s imperative that NSW embarks on the greatest infrastructure expenditure in the state’s history – at the end of the day the upcoming election is all about economic reform. Based on the recent election results in Victoria and Queensland the word ‘privatisation’ has indeed become a dirty word. In the case of the Baird government strategy the proceeds from the sale of state – ownership of the electricity network would be directed … more »


Is this the biggest property story in 2014?

As stories go there won’t be many bigger this year than that of the offshore investors who appear to be buying Australian real estate without Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval. Back in March 2014 I wrote: The end of the great Chinese property splurge?. This was gathering momentum as I heard that the federal government was about to announce an inquiry headed by federal MP Kelly O’Dwyer – probing offshore sales in Australia. In fairness I have watched this for quite a few years now and it was just not adding up – well not until now anyway.

The House … more »


Australia is now in a white collar recession!

The “world’s greatest treasurer” Wayne Swan rejects nation’s ‘low productivity’ tag by declaring that Australia punches above its weight in the global productivity stakes, while attacking critics who blame slow productivity growth on Labor’s workplace laws. In a startling revelation, he declared that Labor had long term policies in place to deal with Australia’s productivity slump. These included skills and education reforms, the National Broadband Network and putting a price on carbon. Wayne, productivity needs ailing infrastructure to be remedied to bring it into the 21st Century.

My point was further highlighted this week when more »


Plenty of Policy and Argy Bargy, Yet Nobody Wins!

Another strange week where the policy makers in reality, would struggle to run a school fete. So step right up, it’s all about hoopla and hostilities. It started with the peculiar (rhymes with Julia) announcement that America was taking out marina space so that it can play battleships and soldiers in the Pacific. So it did not take long for announcements to take front and centre – Obama needs to confront Chinese rather than niggle from the sidelines.

Then surprise, surprise China issues economic … more »