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Some markets are correcting – other markets booming

As many predicted some time ago, the newly created investment market, where we have seen approvals for high-rise apartments hit levels never seen before, will now see a massive correction. In December 2008, the rules for off-the-plan apartments had a significant change when the ratio for foreign investors was moved from 50 per cent to 100 per cent. Developers could not believe their luck, as this decision created new rivers of gold, albeit an eight year run.

The governments then got involved by increasing stamp duty for foreign buyers, the Chinese government shut down the facilities permitting vast amounts of monies to be withdrawn from China and the major Australian banks … more »


Blame our Governments for high property prices

With another federal election now passed all the political rhetoric about infrastructure will be buried until the next election in three years’ time. Sadly, in Australia our elected governments are only interested in the one thing – taxes.

Since the early 1980’s politicians have conveniently discussed the construction of a high – speed rail link along the east coast where typically nothing has happened, although you can be guaranteed that it will be mentioned again prior to the next federal election. In 2013 the High Speed Rail Study Phase 2 Report estimated that a conventional High Speed Rail Express trip from Sydney to Melbourne would take 2 hours and 44 minutes … more »


Property is just a simple mathematical equation

Every year, as Sydney hits winter we can expect the inevitable property market predictions to come in thick and fast. Now before we get into the nitty gritty of these predictions there are a few observations that I made when I read these somewhat bizarre predictions.

Let’s look at some facts – the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released their latest data on Residential Property Prices in March 2015 which showed that the total value of Australia’s 9.500 million residential dwellings had increased to $5.500 trillion. At the end of the March quarter 2015 the ABS also advised that household net worth was $8,090.9 billion so we are talking big numbers … more »


Sydney investor splurge is much ado about nothing

The question that really needs to be asked is why investors have become so one – dimensional? The answer is pretty easy given servicing household debt presently sits at the lowest level for the best part of a decade. Finally, as the dust settles commentators are starting to recognise that homeowners and first home buyers have not been caught up in the Sydney property euphoria.

Property investors are simply following infrastructure trails such as the South West Rail Link, which is due to be opened early in 2015. What many forget is that such vital infrastructure is decades behind where Sydney’s cumbersome and tired transport networks should really be. These areas … more »


Sydney urgently needs its “carpe diem”

The NSW government would be well advised to start planning immediately to ensure the states momentum keeps moving forward well into the next decade – failure to do so would clearly indicate that managing the state of NSW is well beyond their capabilities. They say success leaves clues so look no further than the Sydney property market which has delivered the NSW budget a $1 billion windfall thanks to stamp duty and other related property taxes. NSW Treasury has just announced the final result for 2013/14 with a surplus of $1.247 billion – well up from the June budget estimate of $988 million.

The reality being that property prices have started … more »